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Asalamu- Alaikom and welcome to Quran for little hearts, the first child-friendly whole Quran which designed to fill the little ones needs and to make the Quran as the must-have book to have in their libraries

Quran for little hearts is based in the UK but will be growing internationally very soon.

In this website you can purchase the suitable copy of the Quran for you, your child or a gift for your beloved ones as well as reading nice articles.

You can watch Samy’s talk every week, Samy is going to be talking about the names of Allah (SWT) every week with different name so if you would like to join Samy please send your video to info@quranforlittlehearts.co.uk to share it on our website. Remember to ask the permission from your parents first.

Keep an eye on us for offers and new products.

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